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Class Action Attorneys for the Common Public Need

The firm provides legal services to the public by engaging in class action litigation to correct large numbers of wrongful acts that affect many people in similiar situations.  The firm represents ordinary people that have been victims of illegal actions by business, government or organizations. If you believe you have been a victim of wrongs committed by any kind of entity, you are encouraged to contact the Evans Law Firm for a free legal analysis. It is the goal of the firm to correct mass wrong through class action lawsuits. 

If you have been a victim of a wrong that you believe might be committed against many others in a similiar situtaion, you might have a claim for a class action. Examples of these kinds of wrongs are:

  • Wrongful taxes charged
  • Defective products sold
  • Excessive interest rate charges
  • Unreasonable bank loan conditions
  • Excessive govermental fees charged  

How does a class action work?

An example might be that you notice that your property tax bill increases greatly from the amount you paid the year before. In many states there may be limits on the amount of these increases. Such a case has resulted in class actions in many states to place a cap on the amount of the increase.

Another example might be that a credit card company offers you a no interest credit card for a specific period of time if you will transfer other card balances. When you get your bill you find finance charges the the company explains are handling charges not interest. Or they may describe the charges in a variety of innovative ways. These charges have been the subject of lawsuits to correct the billed rate to the advertised rate.

Many class cases have resulted when a defective product has been sold to the public. Such cases have been found in the automobile cases or other motor vehicles which have been the subject of damages to a large number of individuals. These defective products also have been the subject of class actions involving defective drugs or devises.