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Areas of Practice

The Evans Law Firm has prosecuted class actions involving excessive or illegal sales taxes, property taxes and governmental fees. The firm also has experience involving unreasonable banking practices.

The firm has represented clients engaged in mass claims involving medical devices, automobile warranties, and other product devices.

The firm is currently engaged in litigation involving claims concerning environmental issues about air and water quality.

The firm has successfully completed a multi-million dollar class action claim involving the allegation that excessive property taxes have been charged the taxpayers of Benton County, Arkansas.  The case name is Worth v. City of Rogers, it is filed in Benton County Circuit Court, case number Consolidated CV 97-314-1.

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The Evans Law Firm is always willing to review new claims of wrong involving large numbers of individuals. Contact the firm at the email address listed above to receive a personal response to your question about large scale wrongs involving your particular claim.